Getting your webcam chat money making operation started is really easy.
First make sure you have the materials you need to chat in place. Basically your internet connection, computer and cam.
Find a webcam chatsite to your liking in the section on this site or somewhere else and make a broadcaster user on it.
Follow the instructions on that website to set up verification, special software and your chat room, and start chatting.

Be aware you have to be at least 18 years old to do it. There are social webcam chat sites available for minors, but they are beyond the scope of this website. If you want to be active on there, read our Health & Safety section first.

Make sure you choose a website that allows you to do what you want and refuse what you don't want. Some websites will require a certain degree of nudity, others will allow you to only chat. To start, it is best to choose a website that gives you as much freedom as possible. It is important that you read the site rules and the broadcasting rules of the website before you start broadcasting on it. The sites will make you agree to a separate broadcasting agreement. Read that very carefully and save it on your computer before you agree to it.

All webcam chatsites will have their own payment system. Via credits, tokens, coins or some other site specific “currency”, money can be transferred to you. Usually they will not allow you to use different ways of payment. So paypal or things like that are not allowed. Some sites will allow you to receive gift cards of a webshop.

You have to be aware the sites are not money machines. Sometimes the money will roll in fast, sometimes slow. On pay sites people will automatically pay a certain amount of credits just to be in your chatroom. On free access sites people will not. On most free sites many more people will enter, so there will be more chat, and people may want to tip you voluntarily or for some service you agree on. But there will allways be a choice for visitors to give you something or not.

This does not mean you should be on pay sites because there payment is guaranteed. Paysites often have stricter rules about what you are obliged to do for visitors. You can't tell in advance you don't want to do certain things. They come in and pay, so they want something in return. Free sites usually allow you more to choose what you want to do. Paysites usually have less visitors, and the amount of money paid per minute may not be high. If you are new to webcam chatting it is very advisable to stay away from paysites for a while. It will be much better to find out what you want and are prepared to do in a more relaxed environment first.

Is it really possible to make money only chatting?

Yes it is – Some chatsites with a payment system do not require nudity. If you want you can be in there and only chat. If you are lucky people will like you so much they want to give you money for it.

All websites we know of that have such a payment system are adult only. That means you have to be 18 years or older to subscribe to them. Different sites have different site rules, signifying what you should and should not do. Although most, if not all those sites are also of an explicit adult nature (nudity is allowed!), many will allow you to only chat and appear on cam pretty much as you see fit. On many of those sites there are people who enjoy just chatting and may tip you for just that. However, a lot of people will visit those sites looking only for sex. So you have to prepare to be harassed and exposed to a lot of sexual requests.

Is it really possible to make money only chatting?

No. Not really - There are broadcasters who manage to be non nude for a long time on those sites and make some money only chatting. But most viewers come there looking for nudity and sexual services. So there will be a constant pressure to submit to requests like that. If you don't want to be in such an enviromnment and you only want to chat, you should not go on those sites. You may have a terrible time webcam chatting. Webcam chatting for money is not for you then. There are also pureley social webcam chat sites available where a strict regime is maintained on nudity and sex. As far as we know none of those sites have a payment system so they are purely for recreational purposes. It may be advisable to look for a site like that.

Of course if you like the idea of being in such an environment, be it nude or non nude, you may have a great time doing it. There are many people who do it for a hobby rather than money, and have a lot of fun either broadcasting or just chatting.

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