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This website was born out of concern about some situations we found on webcam chatsites with an adult character. After encountering a number of broadcasters who were clearly not pleased to be on a website with an adult character our concern was raised. It triggered us to start researching. We interviewed a great number of performers who appeared to be in this situation. With quite some effort we were able to piece together their story as we publish it here.

We are experienced chatters and visitors of webcam chat sites of various type, including many sites described on this website. We have been active members of the webcam chat community for over 5 years, both visiting chatrooms and broadcasting.

We are entirely independent and finance this site out of our own private means. We are not connected to any (aid) organisation or webcam chatsite mentioned on this website, other than as a user or visitor. However, where possible we provide sponsored links to all websites we can, also the ones that did not receive a favorable description. If you want to be active on the mentioned sites, please use the links provided on here to make user accounts. If you do that you will support our work without additional costs to you.

We have to acknowledge all performers who provided information, and honour the bravery of some, who were prepared to risk heavy (financial) penalties to help us.


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Further Reading

Human Trafficking & Slavery:

Signs of Trafficking and Slavery (Polaris Project, USA)
What is Trafficking? (Soroptmist)
What is Slavery (Free The Slaves)
What is Trafficking? (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)
Human Trafficking (Not for Sale Campaign)
Freedom Keepers (in Russian?)
Freedom Keepers main site (several languages)
Nationaal Rapporteur Mensenhandel (Government of the Netherlands)
Sex Traffic into Greece (vice.com)

Cam Studios & Modelling Scams:

Why you should avoid studios (yuku.com)
How much do top girls make? (stripperweb.com)
Bad experience with an online cam studio (stripperweb.com)
Wolf Kettler - More "Classic" Modelling Scams
Online Modelling Agencies and Your Child (Dutch)

Aid Organisations

La Strada International:

La Strada International - Main Office - Amersfoort, the Netherlands
La Strada Belarus - Minsk
La Strada Bulgaria (Animus Association) - Sofia
La Strada Czech Republic - Praha
La Strada Macedonia - Skopje
La Strada Moldova - Chisinau
La Strada the Netherlands (CoMensha) - Amersfoort
La Strada Poland - Warsaw
La Strada Ukraine - Kyiv

Other Organisations:

National Human Trafficking Resource Center - USA
Polaris Project - Washington DC, USA
Fairwork - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Scharlaken Koord - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Payment Providers

iDeal (Dutch)

Additional Software

Cam Splitters:



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Not all webcam chatsites listed here offer the same thing to visitors and performers. For a more elaborate description of the websites, read our pages Choosing a Chatsite and Comparing Sites.


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