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Cam Strategy

You have to be at least 18 year old to webcam chat for money. What site is best to work on? There are many webcam chat sites to choose from, and it is not surprising you will loose the overview a bit. You need a strategy that wll help you use the different options to your advantage. We propose the following:

Strategy in short:

Choose one of the Free Access Category 1 webcam chatsites, MyFreeCams, Cam4 or Chaturbate, preferably Chaturbate.

After a few days or a week: evaluate how it goes. If you think it goes well, stick to the first site. If you are not too successful or want to spend more time on cam, choose another one of the sites. Once you are comfortable with nudity you can think about BongaCams as an extra site option.

Work on a schedule. Broadcast regularly. Build up a pool of regular visitors.

Keep an open mind on what happens. If things go right, keep going steady. If things slow down or do not live up to expectation, shift to another site or change your schedule.

Stick to the 3 “easy” sites Chaturbate, MyFreeCams and Cam4 at first. Maybe add BongaCams later and finally (if you have enough discipline) Cams.com.

Stay away from Category 2 Free Access sites and paysites as long as you can.

After a while you should have enough experience to decide what you want to do now. Keep going steady, add new sites or maybe revive your account on an old site.

How to choose?

The best website to start with for you depends on a number of things. First of all of course, on what you want. Do you want to show nudity or just chat? Do you have experience in videochatting? Do you care if you are in porn videos? How much confidence do you have? Etc.

Webcam chatting is open to everybody. Short or tall, fat or skinny, glasses or ethnic origin does not really matter. All sites we describe here are open to all races and body shapes. Even if you think you are not attractive, you should not worry too much. You will see there are people who want to talk to your average likeness. In fact we have seen some quite average looking girls be extremely popular, and some beauty queens draw no traffic at all. In many cases visitors will literally be more attracted to your personality than your looks.

The period you will be a popular performer on any one website may not be very long. We estimate about 3 weeks to 1 month. If you want to persist longer than that as a webcam chatter, you need to build up your appearance on a number of websites. To prolong your “freshness” on a website you can use some tricks, like shifting from morning to evening at some time, or taking a break of a few months and return to the site after that. To stay busy for some time you will need more than 1 website to broadcast on.

For now, we assume you are female, you do not like the idea of being posted on porn sites without payment and you are new to webcam chatting. We also assume you have no experience showing nudity on cam, and are not an experienced professional (like a stripper or something). On what site(s) should you start?

We advise you to not immediately start broadcasting on more than one site. First learn to know one site. Try to get comfortable and have fun chatting. Maybe you do not want to start broadcasting immediately. Look around on the site first and chat a bit in other peoples' rooms to see how things work. And when you start broadcasting, do not immediatey start showing nudity or even offering it. First test the waters a bit and see how things develop. Find out how things work on the site you choose. Set a goal for something simple (smile or stand up or show your goldfish or anything), just to find out how it all works.

We would advise you to totally stay away from pay sites (not yet evaluated). They require you to go far in your performances, and often don't really pay much at all. For instance, we saw an amount of €0.18 per minute on 1 of the sites. That is much less than the $0.30/minute minimum you can ask for a group chat on Chaturbate. Beside that, you can not easily look around on pay sites to see how others do it. If you do not want to be an unpaid porn actor, you should also stay away from Category 2 Free Access sites.

In the very beginning, you best stay away from sites that require nudity at some point. Even if you think you are comfortable with showing nudity, you will only know at the moment you will actually do it (or shy away from it). To avoid an awkward and maybe even traumatic situation you better stay away from BongaCams and Cams.com, as long as you are not totally confident.

That leaves us with only 3 options for a good first start. Chaturbate, MyFreeCams and Cam4 would all be nice places to start webcam chatting. The one site most favourable for beginning broadcasters will be Chaturbate. Beginning performers there will often get a warm welcome by visitors, and many people are easy to tip beginners. Because everybody can broadcast there, many people can and will help you setup everything right. You are not obliged to do or show anything on Chaturbate. Even high tips can not force you to do things you don't want to do. You can easily look around there with the user account you may want to use for broadcasting later. You do not have to be age verified to chat in other rooms on Chaturbate. You can be a “grey” (tokenless) user and see what happens.
When you want to start broadcasting you need to get age verified. You do that by following a link you will find in your account settings (under Token Stats). There you can upload a picture or scan of your ID and a picture of you holding it next to your head. Also agree to the Performer Agreement (read it very carefully first and do not agree if you don't like it!). Once you arranged for verification you can start broadcasting immediately. Until the site admin ssessed your verification reuest and accepts it you will be listed on the site as an exhibitionist and can not receive tokens. You will probaly draw a lot of people into your chatroom when you are an exhibitonist. Try to make them follow you, so they may return later and be tippers. The more visitors you have in your chatroom, the higher you will be in the cam listing and the easier you can be found. Once your verification is accepted your status will be new for a week, and you will be allowed to receive tokens. Make sure you are online a lot in that first week. It will be the easiest period for you to build up a base of regular visitors and chat friends. After a week your status will be chaturbater.
Go through your account settings before you start broadcasting. If you don't want your neighbours to see you, make sure you block your own country or state from viewing. Set the prices of the different shows. You do not have to set up your payment details right at the start. It makes sense to arrange the payment details only later, when you know how much money you make and what payment method will be most advantageous for you.

Now you can find out if your cam is good enough and if your internet connection is good enough or needs an upgrade. If you want to go on multiple sites, you need a fast connection. A good quality webcam will give a sharper, more constant image. That will compress better and use less internet bandwidth.

Develop a schedule for being online. Broadcasting at regular times will make it easier for your regular visitors to come see you.

Expanding to other chatsites

After 2 or 3 days or a week, when you get the hang of webcam chatting, you can decide what you want now. Stay on only Chaturbate for a while, or add another site. If you are successful, we think you should stay on only Chaturbate a while longer. If things started slow you may want to add another site. Remember you have to give it some time. There are a lot of other broadcasters active on the site and at first you may have to struggle to be noticed. Work on people following you so they know when you return. When things start slowing down on a site it may be time to take action. Changing your schedule may help to revive your presence. Shifting broadcast times, for instance from evening to morning, or slowing down a bit may revive your chatroom and earnings. Broadcast a bit less frequently or take a break of a month or 2. In the mean time, shift to another site.

Broadcasting on an extra site simultaneously may make you hand in some of the fun, but may get you some extra money. Be aware you will have to divide attention and some visitors will meet you on more than 1 site, so you may not gain a lot with an extra site. For using your cam in more than one program or site you need extra software. Install ManyCam or SplitCam or another cam splitter and find out how it works.

Your 2nd site would be one of the other easy start sites: MyFreeCams or Cam4 or, if you feel more confident showing nudity, BongaCams. Again, there is no need to rush things. Choose only 1 of these sites. Look around for a while anonymously or on a visitor user so you get used to the feel of the site.
Webcam chatting is serious business and will not easily loose it's shady porn industry roots. So again: read the broadcaster agreements very carefully before you accept them. Looks can be deceiving. A site may look shabby and cheap, but may be absolutely reliable and trustworthy. Another site may look appealing and neat. Layout and design may be perfect, but they may try to exploit and abuse you as much as they can.

Once you are active on your 2nd chatsite you can decide how you will work. Will you be on 2 sites simultaneously, or will you only do 1 broadcast at a time? Maybe you even want to drop one of the sites entirely.

From here you will have to follow your own judgement. You have some experience chatting and performing on cam. You found out what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you like or dislike. Do you want to add another site to chat on? Pick one and do it. Preferably one of the Category 1 sites. When things start to slow down on a site, change your schedule or leave the site entirely for a while and shift to another one. When you return after a month or 2 your old regulars may rush in to welcome you back, or you can start all over building up an entirely new visitor base.

If you manage it well you may be able to have an income from webcam chatting for quite a while.

But be careful: Webcam chatting is a backward carreer. As long as you are young, attractive and fresh it may be easy to make money this way, but in many cases the novelty will wear off and your income will decrease over time. It may turn into a routine for you and your visitors may sense your boredom. Do not think this can be your job for your entire life. Finish school. If you have a proper job, don't quit it. Keep working on your real future. Do this on the side when you have time. Give priority to your regular life.

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