A cam studio is a company that recruits people to be webcam chatters. Often they offer them a place and equipment to cam from.

A cam studio is not a modelling agency.

A cam studio does not have a fixed look. Some look like a film set, with a row of decors with a cardboard backwall and a bed in it. Some studios provide hotel rooms where broadcasters have a lot of privacy. Some have a luxurious modern looking setup with classy looking couches or artful backgrounds. Some are really shabby places in an old flat with ripped off wallpaper and worn furniture. Some look more like an office, some look like a normal house. Some are luxurious, some are shabby.

The degree of privacy broadcasters have differs. In some studios every broadcaster is alone in a room behind a closed door, in other studios broadcasters sit next to eachother and opposite eachother in office chairs, not even having enough room to move without touching eachother. Studios can be located in office buildings, appartments, factory halls, hotels or wherever.

Most, if not all cam studios are currently located in only a few countries: Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Colombia. There may be some studios in Asia (Kazakhstan) or the Philipines too.

In general a cam studio will offer you an agreement to be in their outfit for some time and be on cam for them. They will offer you use of their facilities for a number of hours per day, and a number of specified days. In return they keep a percentage of what you earn. Often they will set a minimum amount of money you have to bring in per day or for the period. If you don't make that target you will not get a payout or in some cases be left with a debt.They will charge you a compensation for costs if you don't turn up on the agreed times or quit before the contract is fulfilled.

A cam studio will not have other work for you than being on adult websites and perform there.

A cam studio is not a modelling agency. They may try to recruit aspiring models, but they generally have no connection with the regular modelling world. It would be very embarassing for a serious modelling agency or big brand to associate with this. In some cases they will describe their work as modelling, acting or influencing, but that is only to make it sound attractive to you if you do not really want to do it.

A cam studio may do you an offer that sounds alluring. They will usually offer you a percentage of the token income ranging from about 10% up to 70% or more. And with the high payout expectations offered that may sound like a good deal to you. But remember: if you do it from home you get 100%. So in reality they do not give you a percentage of their income, but you give them a percentage of your income. A deal where you get 20% may sound good to you, but if in fact you give them 80% of your money that sounds a lot less appealing.

They will usually not pay you for your time. They will offer you a contract that commits you to a certain time frame for no further compensation. So all the risk you run at home will be there in the studio. In fact the studio will add to the risk, because they will charge you costs you might not earn back. If you do not make money on the website they will not support you. All they do is take.
If you do it right, you will never loose money on webcam chatting at home.

In most cases a cam studio does not really add much. The chatsites they will put you on are accessible for everybody. You do not need a cam studio to be active on the chatsites. Joining a studio will only make sense if you have no other way of running a chatroom. For instance you can not pay a computer or have no privacy at home. But even then you can try to find a way to do it at a friends home and avoid a very expensive commitment. And of course, if you only want to chat, you do not need absolute privacy.

Online cam studios

Online cam studios form a separate kind of studios. An online cam studio is basically just a website trying to recruit wannabe performers to work on camsites via them. They do not provide equipment or opportunity at all. They may provide some support and may help you with some practical issues you may have, but basically all they do is take a percentage. There is no way of telling who or what is behind the website you see. They offer no guarantee at all to any service, including minimal support or coaching and timely payouts. There is really no reason at all to join an online cam studio. Wannabe performers may stumble upon an online studio and erroneously subscribe to it thinking it is an actual camsite.

An online studio can present itself in many ways. The only way to identify them seems to be they offer you a job as webcam chatter, without the immediate presence of a webcam chatsite you would be working on. Steer clear of online studios. They are useless.

Use your good judgement in identifying online studios. The best way to avoid them is to go to the original webcam chatsites and subscribe there. If you stumble on a bona fide white label site and subscribe there you will in the end deal directly with the original site. By far most white label sites are safe. But the original site is safer.

Reasons to join a cam studio

- You are not technical.
Most sites have really simple interfaces. If you can go on Facebook or Twitter on your own, you can also setup a chatroom. Setting up skype is much more complicated than subscribing to a webcam chatsite. Just try it by making a user on a free access website and you will see.

- You have no privacy at home.
If you only want to chat on an adult site you don't need much privacy. You have to keep underage people away from the cam, and on some sites adults accidentally appearing on cam have to be ID verified. In principle you can do it in the living room while your mother is on the couch watching tv. If you plan to do more than just chat, privacy may be a problem. But even in the most crowded house you will at times have a quiet spot in your room, on your bed, a spare room or a shed or when you are home alone.

- You have no internet, computer or cam.
All these investments are relatively small compared to the costs of a cam studio. See the section What You Need.

- You have no proper background to sit in
Your room will look better on cam than you think. People will not visit you for your great wallpaper or luxurious couch. They will come to see you.

- You have no idea where to start and what sites are good for you.
We added a brief how to section to assist you on your first steps. An experienced cam studio will have a plan for you how or when they will put you on various websites. We added a section with a list of available websites for webcam chatting. For each known site we added a short description so you can assess which site is to your liking. With that information you can set up your own development plan. Most cam studios will be active on only a limited number of websites. The development plan they offer you will be within their own limitations. On our list will be more chatsites to choose from than will be available to you in a cam studio.

- You want to stay anonymous and want an intermediate between you and the webcam chatsite.
On the biggest chatsites age verification is required. So even if you are in a studio your identity has to be known to the website administrators. The big websites have a good reputation and will protect your privacy. They are based in the USA or other countries and have to abide to the law. Cam studios will often be unclear and shady companies run by unknown people who can disappear without a trace. Taking your money.
When you work from home you don't need to tell anyone in your environment about it.

- You are “not that kind of girl”, and only do it because it is your work.
Who are you trying to fool here but yourself?

- You want to be a model and this is a first step.
A cam studio will not help you in your modelling carreer in any way. Just being in a cam studio does not make it more “modelling” than doing it from home. You may be flattered by he idea they want you to do this. But the studio will not run any risk when you do not perform up to expectations. So they are likely to take everybody who is stupid enough to sign for it.

- The studio is a good studio and they say if you want, you can only chat.
That is a lie. See the main section. Don't fall for a corny sales pitch. Whatever they call it or however hey describe it, the conditions on the websites will be just the same for you as for anybody else.

Reasons not to join a cam studio

- A studio adds nothing
Everything the cam studio does you can do yourself. Cam studios are not connected to the cam sites. They are users. Just like you.

- Costs and benefits
Most studios will charge a lot for their services. If you are successful and make a lot of money they will cost you a lot of money too. If you are not successful they will still cost you a lot, maybe even more than you earned.

- Commitment
You commit to the studio for a considerable time. They will keep you to the agreement, even if you immediately experienced this is nothing for you. If you do not make any money you will still have to serve out your contract. If you feel pressed to do things you don't want, or things you thought you wanted but don't, you can not opt out. You will be stuck there as a prisoner of your contract.
Some people enjoy webcam chatting very much, even more than they ever imagined they would. But some people really suffer from it.

- No way out
In many cases the studio will not allow you to work without them for a considerable period after you quit there. When you join, you sign away your freedom to be on the websites on your own account. Once in the studio, you will have to stay with it or not be able to work on chat sites at all.

- Horror
In a very common worst case scenario you may suffer under the constant pressure and make not even enough money to pay for the costs the cam studio may charge you. So you will be pressed to do things that disgust you and you never wanted, just to avoid having no income at all for a long time and even ending up with a remaining debt.

- Freedom
Once you are in a studio your own free will does not count anymore. You can not quit, the only way is forward. Wether you want it or not, you will be pressed to go further than you initially thought you would go. You can not opt out or go back. At home you are allways free to do what you want. If you don't like it you can allways quit. If the next day you want to return, you can. In a cam studio you will be stuck.

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