There are some some basic tricks you can apply to optimize your own pleasure and your money making abilities by webcam chatting. All these tricks are subjective. They may not apply to you at all.

1. Only do what you want. Do not let anyone force you to do things you don't want

There will always be people who want things you can not or do not want to do. You can never please everybody. Read the rules of the chatsite you want to be on in advance. Make sure the site allows you to do what you want and, most important, to refuse what you do not want. People may threaten you and pressure you, give high tips or threaten to report you to the site administrators. But you are allways the boss. Only do what you want.

Be careful with what you promise. If you promised something you should do it. You are in a trade situation and people pay real money for things you offer. They want what they paid for. So do not promise what you don't want to do. Even high tips can never oblige you to do anything, unless you promised.

2. Choose the right website to chat on

Read the site rules before you start broadcasting, or better, before you make a user on it. If the site requires things you don't want to do, find another one.

Some sites are more for chat, others are more about money. The atmosphere in your chatroom can not be read in the site rules, and may differ per website. If possible, look around a bit on a website before you join. That will give you an impression of what people do on it and what you may expect. If you don't like it on one chatsite you may still have a great time on another. Try different sites. Close if you don't like it and come back another time. Every day will be different. You may have bad luck one day and good luck the next.

Getting a high income on a website will depend on many things. It all comes down to people being prepared to spend their money on you. Some websites draw people who are willing to spend a lot. On some websites there is a high percentage of tippers and on other websites there are more pennyless viewers.

There is a difference between what people pay for you and what you get of it. The payout ratio differs. The going rate for the payout ratio is currently about 50% to 65%, but some sites pay out as low as 20%. For instance a site may pay out $0.05 per token but charge buyers $0.10. That means you only get 50% of what people pay. Typically people will get a discount if they buy more tokens. A site may charge from $20 for 200 tokens ($0.05/token) through $80 for 1000 tokens ($0.08) and pay out $50 for 1000 tokens ($0.05) if you cash them. Of course you want to get as much as possible of what people pay to go to your bank account. So it makes sense to find out what the payout ratio is.

3. Be nice and polite

You will be the boss in your own chatroom. On most sites you can decide who you want to have in your chatroom and who you want removed. But be aware the visitors are real people and your guests. In the end they will decide if you get money or not. Be nice to them. They are your customers.

Smiling costs no money and will get you a lot of goodwill. Smiling is great. But if you really don't feel like it you don't have to.

Have fun. People who like doing it and show it are more likely to be succesfull in webcam chatting. A good mood radiates to your visitors. 99% of your visitors will be in your chatroom only for pleasure. They do not make any money by visiting you and they will not come online if they don't feel like it. Having fun chatting is the best way to fit in.

Be yourself. That usually works best. Smiling and having fun are great, but don't fake it if you really don't feel like it. Many people will not be there for money, but just for fun or to meet people. You may actually find friendship webcam chatting. People like to know things about you like hobbies or family affairs or whatever. However, you always have to be careful. Some people may act nice but have very bad intentions. Look at the Health & Safety section for tips on how to stay safe.

4. Set your prices right

Find out what the payout per credit or token is. That will be the norm you set your prices on.

What may sound like a lot of money to you may not be that much to others. Or the other way around. Set your prices so that you are prepared to do what you offer for it. You may think too low of yourself and set your prices low. That will mean you will not make a lot of money, even if you work hard for it. Or you may respect yourself very much and ask too much. In that case visitors may not want to pay for it and you will not have a lot to do, but also not make much money. Somewhere between that will be the optimal price for you.

There are basically 3 types of situations where you can perform: public chat, private chat and group chat. Not all sites have all 3 types available. Usually you will start in a public chat situation. If somebody wants to chat private with you that means you will have to leave all your viewers alone and allow only that person to watch you. That means you will loose viewers and maybe tippers when you go private. Obviously if you make a lot of tokens in public chat or many people request a private you can set your price higher.

You have to be aware the price of a private chat will not be your per hour income. There will always be some time in between the privates. You have to calculate that as work time as well. Typically a private chat session will last between 7 and 10 minutes, regardless of the price. So an income of $1.50 / minute may sound like a lot to you, but that means you will perform what the viewer wants for $10, and you may have to wait quite a while for the next person to want it. In group chat sessions every participant pays a certain amount of money per minute. Typically you set the price for group chat lower than the price for private chat, but depending on the number of participants group chat may get you more money per minute.

If you don't want to do private or group chats you can choose to turn them off on some websites. Or you can choose to ignore requests if you don't want to do them. Some people who do not want to do private chats set the price so high that nobody will want to pay it. Be careful if you do that. There may be people who want to pay the high price anyway.

In general if you want to show nudity you can set your prices higher, and if you only want to chat in private you should set your prices not too high. Make sure you communicate well what you are prepared to do and what you will not do.

Don't be too easy in lowering your prices. Others will see it and will also want a discount. Before you know it your incidental discount will be your regular price and people want more discount.

A lower price will get you more to do, a higher price will get you more money if you have anything to do. Somewhere in the middle is an optimum.

5. Dress well, groom well.

You may not leave your own room, but you will be meeting real people online. They will see you and judge you by your looks. There is no fixed dress code for camming. There are however some things you may want to care for.

- Start clean.
Or not too dirty. Make sure basic hygiene is met. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, make sure your make-up is good enough (if you use that). Of course if you want to show nudity intimate hygiene should also be a point of attention.

- Dress decently.
Certainly when you start it is not advisabe to show too much nudity or even dress too sexy. Like in real life people will like you better if you dress decently than if you dress trashy or slutty. Wear something you want to be seen in and you would go out in. When you are on cam people can look at details and parts of you they would not dare to stare at in real life. So even clothes you could wear to your grandma's birthday can look very sexy on cam. If your mood and the mood of the chatroom call for it you can allways decide to dress or act more sexy when you go along.

- And underneath.
If you plan to take some clothes off you may want to look at what you wear underneath. Nice looking underwear or sexy lingerie may give you more confidence and make your appearance more appealing.

- Do not undress to easy or too soon.
Of course this is entirely subjective and depends on what you want. People usually will not tip you for what they already see, but for what they want to see. Make it a game. Tease a bit. Make people beg and pay. Showing too fast in public may reduce your chances of getting privates. On the other hand, a moderate amount of teasing and showing may animate people to want to see a private performance.

- Small steps get you more.
This is also subjective. If you set goals for things, smaller goals for smaller things or smaller steps will usually get you more than settng a single high goal for one big thing. For instance first taking your blouse off at a goal and then taking your tank top off at a next goal may get you more sooner than just taking all of at a higher goal. But this is all part of the game you will play. Be creative and do it the way you want it.

6. Set up your stage right

- Find a nice neat place to cam.
Choose your background depending on what you want and what is available. It seems people who sit on a chair look more energetic than people on a bed. If you want to use the bed you can keep it in view. It is nice to have a tidy room, but don't be afraid to show you live there. There is no need to build a stage specially for camming. Your own little things say a lot about your persoanlity and people will notice if you are in your own room or an artificial setup. Don't worry if you do not have many riches to show to the world. People will come in your chatroom to talk to you. Not to admire your expensive furniture.

- Keep light sources and bright objects outside view.
The cam will adjust to the total amount of light it receives. If you have a bright object, a lamp or a window in view, the cam will adjust the light to that. That means the rest of the image will look dark. To avoid that, you move the cam so you don't see the window, or move the lamp out of view.

- Find the best light.
Lighting can be very tricky. A webcam does not need a lot of light to work well. Good quality webcams can give a reasonable image with little light. Be carefull with direct light. The sharp shadows will make your face look dark and unnatural. A bright light pointed directly at your face may actually make it look darker on cam. Light from below gives unnatural looking shadows and may make you look "spooky". Only one source of light may not give a good effect. If you can, use more than one light source. Indirect light from the side seems to give the best result. Diffuse light often gives better results. Simple TL lights in a white casing may give better results than fancy studio lamps. If you can, experiment with the intensity and the placement of the lights you have.
Studios often use a ring light placed around the cam. Because in that setup the light comes from the direction of the cam there will be no shadows visible. Everything the cam sees is well lit. A ring light used in this way gives a nice clean image. A drawback is that it may look a bit clinical and featureless.

7. Your viewers are all over the world

-Spend some time to build it up.
The big webcam chatsites have many visitors and many broadcasters. Even if you are very attractive, you may not be noticed at first and have to struggle a bit to build up a viewer base. Do not give up too soon if you do not have a lot of visitors and tippers. Come back on cam regularly and try to get people to be friends or followers. That way they will be aware when you return and may visit you again. Most people will not be active on chatsites all day. They will be online when they are free. In the evening after work, or at their lunch break. So you will meet different people in the evening and in the morning. People who visit you in the evening are likely to also visit you in the evening the next time they see you. For building up your viewer base you want to be online on the same time of day regularly. Moving your broadcasts from the evening to the morning may make you loose your entire base of regular visitors. You may find yourself rebuilding it entirely if you do that.

-Manage the time you are online.
Webcam studios will force you to be on cam for 6 or 8 hours on end. That has nothing to do with the best way of doing it, but everything with the way they plan their capacity. If you work from home you can do your own planning and optimize as you want it. The big chatsites work globally. It is always evening somewhere, and always morning somewhere else. It is not easy to say what the best way of managing your time online will be. In general, if you are online too short people will miss your broadcast. If you are online in the morning people who are online in the evening will not see you. If you are online too long people who want to visit you may spread over that period. They may take you for granted and visit somebody else first and you on some other time. If you are online too short you may miss out some privates. If you are online too long the privates you get may spread out. You will not make twice as much if you are online 4 hours instead of 2. When you plan it you should take into account the time of day in the USA and in Western Europe. In general people are free in the evening. They want to chat and have some fun before going to sleep. (Entirley subjectively, ) it would make sense to be online for about 3 hours at a time, preferably in the evening hours in Europe and in the evening hours in the USA. Of course you should find out yourself what the best way of doing it is. Try different times and see what works best for you.

8. Manage the websites you are on

With use of cam splitter software you can run multiple chatrooms on several chatsites simultaneously. That means you can get people to tip on the different sites simultaneously. That may seem advantageous, but you have to divide your attention too. People may feel neglected and tip less if you are chatting on another website and don't appear to react. Many of your higher tipping viewers may also be on multiple websites and you may be chatting to the same people on different sites without being aware. Some cam studios would put you on as many as 6 chatsites at once. You have to wonder if you want that. It will seriously reduce the fun you will have and will not necessarily increase your income. You will need a very good internet connection for it and your computer will have to be up to it. It may be smarter and better for you to be modest. Start with only 1 website, and maybe try a second one when you get the hang of it. If you schedule yourself to be online only 2 hours you can switch to another site after that.
Webcam chatting is not a steady job. In general you will make most money the first few weeks you are active on a chatsite. After that the novelty will wear off. After 2 or 3 weeks or a month things will slow down. You will have less people in your chatroom and receive less tips. When that happens it is time for a fresh start, thinking about another website or another time of day. It would make sense to assess every month how things are going and if the strategy you follow is still getting you money. Again this is not always true. It may be entirely different in your case.

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