There are a few things you can do when you encountered this scam. Some of them you can always do to prevent further trouble for you and others. Others you only need when you are already in a degree of trouble.

Here are a few tips.

Do not sign anything

If somebody tries to pressure you to sign now, there is probably something wrong. Always take time to review any contract before you sign it. Read it first. If people pressure you to sign before you read it or try to distract you while reading it, don't sign at all. It can do no harm to ask time to consider it and take the contract home to research before you sign it. If they don't want that it is a sign something is wrong.

If there are things in the agreement you don't understand or don't know, research first. If they mention websites in the contract, look at the websites first before you sign. See what the costs of the websites are and who has access to it. See what people do on there. Demand time and opportunity to do that. If they don't want to give you that time, don't sign.

Look at the small print. If high costs or fines for backing out are in the contract, they are probably there because you want to quit sooner or later. They are a sure sign the deal is not as good as it looks. Never sign a contract with backout costs you can't afford.

Excessive secrecy demands are a sign something is wrong. Every company has secrets, but if you are not allowed to talk about your work at all that is not a good sign. Declaring the contract or contract terms itself secret is a legal contradiction. How could you ever claim rights based on a contract you can not reveal? In many countries a claim like that would be void. If you are not signing in to the secret service, don't sign a contract with a secrecy clause like that.

Never do what you don't want

You find out you have to do things you did not expect and don't want to do. They may have told you things that are untrue or only partialy true. That is deception and a reason to cancel the agreement. Whatever the penalty in the contract, walk away and seek legal aid. They can never enforce a penalty without going to court. If they do that they have to explain why they did not tell you straight and honest what you would be into. Outrageous and baseless cost claims and fines will usually not be honoured by a judge.

Talk to people you trust

This scam thrives on silence. It can go on as long as nobody speaks about it. Your friends, your family, people who are on your side should be aware that you are in trouble, so they can help you. That is what friends are for. You may be embarrassed about the whole thing. You may have signed for secrecy, but being silent to the people who love you to protect people who betrayed you is not the right way to go.

You can go to the police, but they may not want to help you. In some countries it is formally legal. In other countries police may be corrupt. If you go to the police, do not go to a police station near the studio. They may be friendly with the studio or even be paid off. Go to a police station near your own home.

Seek legal aid. If the police does not help you, a lawyer may. A lawyer may advise you how to get rid of the contract or how to avoid the penalties in your contract. In most countries illegitimate claims in contracts are void. That means even if you signed for it, it does not count. There may be a regret period for contracts. Deception or failure to comprehend the full consequences of a contract when you sign it may be a reason to declare it void. A lawyer may advise you on that.

Seek help in an aid organisation. They can give practical help, like how to get rid of the contract. Also they can advise you on how to prevent further problems. They may have seen similar cases in the past. They may want to take action themselves too. They are there to help you, but you can help them help others. Look in the link list for organisations near you.

A large international aid organisation is La Strada International. Their main focus is human trafficking, but they can also advise you on this. They are based in Amsterdam, and have offices in many countries: the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova and Macedonia.

If the advertisment you saw is deceptive

They pose for instance as a modelling agency looking for models or actors, but turn out to be a cam studio recruiting broadcasters on sex sites. Notify the magazine or newspaper you found it in. Tell them your experience, if needed anonymous, and why you think it is a fraud. There is a good chance the editors have a policy on deceptive or indecent advertising and will put it in the adult contact section, or even stop placing the advertisement altogether. There are more people like you who might fall for this scam. If the studio can not advertise, it will be much more difficult for them to find new victims.

Don't trust liars

They lied to you and deceived you. They will probaby lie to you again. If they find out you have regrets they may do you new offers and promise great things. Remember they will all be deceptions, designed to make you think you want what you actually do not. The people you are dealing with are most probably experienced professional scammers. They don't care about you or what you want at all. They only want to use you.
They are a cam studio, not a modelling agency or impressariate. In most cases the only extra work they will ever have for you is more time on more sex sites.

Tell us

If you want to, mail us your story. Tell us what is similar to the scam scenarios on this website and what is not. We are looking for information like the countries and cities where this happens. We are also interested in actual advertisements and names of companies who do this. We need more detailed information about what happens in different steps of the process. What did they actually tell you and why did you think it would be alright? We will not directly name any company who does this, but any information can be helpful to target better. With your permission we may even place your experiences on this website as a personal testimony.

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